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Pure epoxy powder coatings are used in indoor application, away from direct sunlight and where chemical resistance is required.

Epoxy powder coatings are non weather able but can give good chemical and mechanical properties.

This chemistry of powder coatings can be used in application of

  • Metal Cabinets
  • Primers
  • Coating of Pipes
  • Automotive under body
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Agriculture Machinery
  • valves


Epoxy Polyester Powders are based on a combination of Polyester Resin and Epoxy Resin, which are blended in different ratio depending upon end user application.

These products are recommended for cost effective interior decorative applications.

Epoxy Polyester / Hybrid Powder coatings are generally coated for office furniture’s, Metal cabinets, Shelving, Interior light Fixtures, Power Tools, Automotive under body / under hood parts etc..

This chemistry of powder coating can be used to achieve results as follows:

  • Good Coverage
  • Cost Reduction
  • Storage Stability
  • Multiple Finish

New technology products available in Epoxy Polyester: Low Cure and Stain Resistant powders.


Pure Polyester Powder coatings are good for outdoor decorative application which has good weathering resistance property and Mechanical property.

Pure Polyester powder Coatings are widely used for :

Industrial Powder Coating – Canopy, Outdoor Control panels, Gen sets, Satellite Dishes, Air Conditioning Equipment, Solar bodies, and many more which is exposed to sunlight / outdoor.

Architectural Powder Coating – HUECOAT’S SERIES-5 – Powder Coating are High Quality and Durable Coatings which is specially designed for Architectural application. Appropriate use for both Aluminium & Steel for both Interior and exterior application, which offers good Mechanical properties with excellent outdoor durability to harsh climatic Conditions.

This Chemistry Powder Coating is specially applied for Architectural Aluminium Extrusion which are used for Window frames, Cladding & Extruded panel Works.



New technology products available in Pure Polyester: Low Cure powders.